Millstone Pediatric Clinic

Overview of Immunizations

I am for vaccines. I recommend immunizations. I am for some vaccines more than others. People who do not vaccinate at all scare me to death and I do not agree with them. This is especially true of pertussis.

All vaccines are not created equal.  Some of them are world-changers. Tetanus, polio, pertussis, measles, rubella and Haemophilus(H. flu) type b have stopped prevalent deadly illnesses in their tracks. They worked at relatively low expense. Now immunization policy is much more expensive and goes after diseases of lower occurence.  Meningococcal vaccine probably prevents about 25 deaths a year.  This compares to 18000 cases of meningitis from H. flu type b (900 deaths).  Forty thousand persons die on the roadway each year.

There is resistance to immunization policy. Many are distrustful.  It is the common good balanced against what is good for the individual and this is never well solved. Pushing more requirements for less frequent diseases should have some limit. Marketing through sensationalizing ad agencies should not happen.

I am hopeful that families will immunize their children. I allow patient families to vary.  I imagine that if one feels coerced there will be more worry about ordinary events after a shot.  Perhaps by working with people the overall number of immunizations will come out greater compared with practices that simply discharge families over immunization concerns.

My top priority vaccines:
2. Pertussis
3. Pnuemococcal
4. Measles
5. Rubella
6. Hemophilus
For those who will be sexually experienced or used: HPV, Hepatitis B

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