Millstone Pediatric Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Why should you consider taking your child to a pediatrician? 

        A pediatrician is familiar with stages of child development and is capable to help prevent detrimental trends in your child's formation of habits. He or she is also alert to warning signs of serious threatening diseases. 

 2. Why should I hesitate before I take my child to the hospital ER? 
         Only a few of the presentations of childhood illness call for you to immediately take your child to the Emergency Room. Rao Thotakura, Scott Field, or I are on call each day and night. I would prefer you call one of us rather than take an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room. One, the sickest people in town are in the waiting room and your child will be exposed to whatever illnesses are present. Two, the nature of care in the E.R. includes more risks. More tests are ordered, more I.V. fluids are given, and medications are administered. The staff does not know you and cannot expect any follow up.  

3. Why should I not take my child to a free standing clinic?   

         These clinics do not provide continuity of care. The clinics have a reputation for doing more tests and prescribing more antibiotics than may be needed.  

4. Why might my child not need antibiotics for a congestion illness?  
         Most respiratory illnesses that children contract are viruses. Only a minority of these illnesses have bacterial complications, and only these bacterial cases call for antibiotics. Unnecessary use of antibiotics may cause side effects such as drug allergy or diarrhea.  Antibiotics also work to create "superbugs", which are bacteria that  do not respond to ordinary antibiotics.  MRSA(methcillin resitant  Staph. aureus), clostridium difficile, E. coli, and enterococcus are some the major "superbugs."
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