Millstone Pediatric Clinic
Doctor On Call

DDr Powell has scheduled office days on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The practice provides twenty-four hour a day call arrangements in cooperation with Dr Scott Field and Dr Rao Thotakura.  On a given regular week Dr Powell is available by telephone from Sunday night at nine PM until Tuesday morning at seven AM and then from Wednesday morning at seven AM until Friday afternoon at five PM.  Every Tuesday Dr Thotakura covers the patients from seven AM until Wednesday morning at seven AM.  The weekends are covered by each of the three taking turns.  Each of the doctors has office staff in their office Saturday mornings beginning at nine AM. Patients are seen by appointment

Dr. Powell: Sunday, 9PM - Tuesday, 7 AM
Dr. Thotakura: Tuesday, 7 AM - Wednesday, 7 AM
Dr. Powell: Wednesday 7, AM - Friday, 5 PM
Doctor on Call: Friday, 5 PM - Sunday, 9 PM

When my office is closed and you call the main number you should hear a current voice mail informing you of the name of the doctor on call and instructions as to how to reach the doctor.  At any time the answering service operator is available at 256-428-4070.

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