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I became a pediatrician in 1981.  My first charge is to practice medicine well.  First this requires skillful identification of disease and appropriate prescriptions from there.  Though medical study is long and hard the goal of Dx and Rx is actually simple in its focus.  As Western medicine has drifted from this focused goal it has entered an age of misdirection.   The guiding wisdom of  'Primum non nocere' (above all do no harm) badly needs to be recovered.


Through most of my practice I derived my greatest satisfaction from prompt recognition and treatment of life threatening illnesses such as meningitis, epiglottitis, and cancer.  My greatest anguish came from being fooled by disease.   Times have changed that focus somewhat.  The general health of our population, especially our children, has deteriorated.  This applies especially to nutritional and mental health. Preventive care which initially attracted me to pediatrics has become increasingingly important.


What are the most fundamental needs of children?  One is the need to know that one lives in a knowing world.  Family is something of a world within a world.  Think of episodes of The Andy Griffith Show with Opie Taylor.  Every where he went in Mayberry he was known. He was not a sardine in an ocean. 
A child in a small community before the sixties knew unconsciously that he or she was known by the adults of that community.  A new person in town was news.  Now that life is lived on a larger scale and at a faster pace children are often startled if they actually see someone that they do know when they are in public. 


School systems often make policy decisions that make knowing harder.   Last year Huntsville City Schools combined small schools.  At Lincoln Elementary it was said that each child knew every teacher's name and that every teacher knew each child's name.  At the end of six years a student knew classmates that had been together for six years.  Now Lincoln is closed and the Lincoln students that entered the bigger school are smaller fish in a bigger pond.  With each new grade old friends are missing and the work of new introductions has to be done all over again. One of the subtle unwritten lessons of our day is that people are not to be known but rather to be lived among.


This introduces a presentation on the importance of being known and of family in children's lives.


- Michael S. Powell, M.D. 

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